Sunday, April 12, 2009

Warrior Magazine

Warrior is the UK magazine where I discovered the brilliance of Alan Moore. It was during the days I was still working as an architect, and I had a project in the Quezon City area. I found myself passing by National Book Store along Quezon Avenue and I went in to look for comics.

I found several issues of Warrior Magazine in the bargain section, around 8 or so all in all, each selling for 7 pesos.

Reading them upon getting home I was dumbstruck at how brilliant this writer Alan Moore was. He was writing several stories at once including MARVELMAN, V for VENDETTA, The Bojeffries Saga, and various other things.

I found V For Vendetta particularly brilliant because it was so thought provoking, and the artwork from issue to issue was very consistent.

Marvelman (which will eventually become Miracleman when it finds publication in the US for reasons I will not mention here) was brilliant in its own way, but suffered a bit in the consistency of the artwork.

V For Vendetta felt like a more serious work as a result. In fact, it was probably the very first serious comic book story that I've read, a story that aspired to be more than just your ordinary comic book story.

David Lloyd is truly one of the best comics illustrators out there, but a grossly underrated one.

There are other creators from Warrior who will find broader success later. These guys include Steve Dillon, who would eventually draw Preacher and Punisher, and Alan Davis, who will become immensely popular as artist on things like X-men, Batman, and JLA.

Next time you're at National Book Store, scour the bargain bins a little more closely. You just might find something that could blow you away.

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