Friday, July 31, 2009

An Insult to All Filipino Artists

As a Filipino comics illustrator, I vehemently oppose and protest the awarding of the title National Arist to Carlo J. Caparas for Visual Arts and Film.

Clearly, in this regard, Visual Arts and Film are two separate categories. "Visual Arts" therefore refers to Caparas' work in comics.

Caparas has *never* illustrated any of the stories he wrote. With every character he created, and ever story he wrote, he did it in collaboration with another artist. Panday and Pieta? Illustrated by Steve Gan. Bakekang? Illustrated by Mar Santana. Kroko? Illustrated by Hal Santiago.

How can someone who is *not* a visual artist ever be awarded the title of National Artist for Visual Arts?

It's patently ridiculous, illogical, and insulting to every Filipino visual artist, specially those who deserve this award more, including Francisco V. Coching and Larry Alcala, who should have been made National Artists long ago.