Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some People Still Misunderstood Readers

Yesterday, my wife and I were at the Comic Odyssey visiting friends. I was looking around at the new comics when there was a family went in.

There was this young woman with his husband and their mother along with their child. The young woman was so excited looking for "manga" and found the title she wanted to buy. Their mother said "you going to read that? My goodness..." it sounded like it's same old komiks people use to read way back in stone age, figuratively speaking.

My mother reacted same way when I wanted to buy expensive Smurfs coloring book when I was a little kid. But my father understood that I like the drawing and he knew that I'll be copying the drawings from the coloring book.

And here I am. :)


  1. parents should know and understand their kids hobbies and what they like to do.

    its much better to realize that their kids are into reading rather than play online games all day hehehee.

  2. Hey Ed, I think there will always be people who won't understand. But I'm really grateful to everyone who does.

  3. Something I blogged about back in 2004...

    I was in Filbar’s yesterday. In the store was a dad with his eight or ten year-old kid. The kid wore eyeglasses, spoke 50 words per second, and had this nasal voice. He was just like that brainy kid in “Jerry Maguire”.

    When I stepped in the store, the father and son were trying to decide which alternate cover of “InQuest” magazine they were going to get. The kid picked one and the dad said, “Great choice!”

    “Why is Superman carrying the hammer of Thor and the shield of Captain America?” asked the kid as he pointed at the cover of JLA/AVENGERS #4.

    “Wow! You’re right! That’s a good question,” said the dad, and asked to see the comic book. “It’s number four of four. Why don’t we just wait for them to release the compilation and then we’ll get it, okay?”

    The kid agreed.

    “Okay! Change topic! What about….” and the kid launched to another series of comic book related queries, all of which were answered by the dad.

    It’s nice to see that there are dads like that. A lot of time I’ve seen kids drag their parents in the comic book store, choose a comic book and the dad would briefly glance at the issue and say, “Ang mahal naman! Babasahin mo ba yan?” (That’s so expensive! Are you really going to read that?) And their kid would have to beg just to get the book.

    Some kids can be so lucky.

    They should not be deprived of their stories, whether it be through a comic book or children’s book or novels like Harry Potter. They should not be deprived of the chance to discover new worlds.

    “We are creators. When we begin, separately or together, there’s a blank piece of paper. When we are done, we are giving people dreams and magic and journeys into minds and lives that they have never lived. And we must not forget that.” –-Neil Gaiman