Friday, April 24, 2009

Papers I Use

I always doodle on paper. Sorry, I think I'm killing too many trees right now.

So to keep myself using less paper, I bought this little hard cover blank book from Best Sellers. It is pretty expensive but it was nicely made. Its around PhP 739.00. Yes it is very expensive. It is also good for those who still write their journal with pens and paper. This little book has a small packet inside the back cover.

The book size is 5" x 7" with 144 pages. You can check out their website at

I also buy 4" x 6" index cards by Corona. They're pretty cool for storyboards if you're in the animation or film biz. I also use it for preliminary sketches of commission drawings.

Now I rarely use sketch pads. There ones that are pretty good using pencils or pens. One is Canson sketch pads. I remember I saw those with higher GSM's but National Bookstore has ran out of stock.

I also found papers that I think are quite good but they are not available on 11x17 ins. sizes. I bought Orange Vellum Board by Star Paper Corporation. It's 8.5" x 13" with 200GSM, 10 sheets per pack. I haven't tried it but I'm sure it's like those other vellum papers you can buy in big sheets. :)

I already tried many papers and so far I only found few that are good in pencils and quills.

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