Monday, May 3, 2010

Organizing Your Tools

An inker has the most tools when drawing comics. I have lots of tools from disposable pens, pen brushes, sythetic and sable brushes, white inks/paints, and quills. Inkers also have erasers when we're inking on actual pencilled pages. Nowadays we ink over blue pencils that are printed out via computer/printer.

Yesterday, Sunday, I decided to make my Pen Rack. I only used a thick cardboard a.k.a. illustration board. I drew a plan and the measurement of each compartment. I only used a glue to attach all the boards. I only made this just to organize my old pens that are running out, including the penbrushes, new brushes, pencils, etc. I was planning to make a ink bottl holder on the side, but I ran out of boards. Hehe.

Now my pens are well-organized and I have no problem looking for the right pen when I'm working, which will make my work faster.

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